Row around Singapore Island (RASI), Mission to Seafarers and Boat Beacon AIS tracking

Pocket Mariner are very pleased to be sponsoring the  Row around Singapore Island  in aid of the Mission to Seafarers .

A group of 40 enthusiasts from the maritime and insurance community in Singapore have come together, to undertake a 24 hour endurance sea challenge, all in aid of the global maritime welfare charity, The Mission to Seafarers.

Mission Row Around Singapore Island (RASI), will see two teams in ocean-going rowing boats attempt the 140km journey, taking on the seas and shipping lanes (not to mention two live military firing ranges) to complete a non-stop circumnavigation of the island of Singapore. The event itself will be held during the 50th anniversary year of Singapore’s independence and will also coincide with Singapore Maritime Week on the 22nd / 23rd April, 2015.

Pocket Mariner have provided their Boat Beacon app to both teams so they can share their position and speed during the event and everyone will be able to follow their progress on our live group tracking web view service. If you would like to add the view to your own web page you can use the following iFrame:-

<iframe src=”″></iframe>


If you are organising an event or a race and are interested in having live tracking available please contact us :-

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Watermark Round Britain Voyage Summer 2015 and Boat Beacon AIS

Watermark is a Beneteau First 33.7 Cruiser/ Racer  currently on a round Britain voyage.  She is using Boat Beacon to share her position over internet AIS with friends and family on Boat Watch and our new live iframe “embed” web page that lets you add a map showing your boat’s location to other web pages (e.g. a blog). Use the following as a template, you can set the width and height to fit your page

“<iframe style=”border:none;height:600px;width:1800px;” src=”″></iframe>”

Where MMSI is your boat’s MMSI number (as set in Boat Beacon). If you don’t have an MMSI, we can provide you with an internet AIS one, or you can use your Boat Beacon identity instead starting with BB (see the bottom of My Boat Details in Boat Beacon to find your Boat Beacon id). If you don’t have  blog or web site you can also give out a web link to your web page on our site – e.g.

We wish Malcolm and Watermark a safe and very enjoyable circumnavigation and look forward to following their progress. Here is his current postion :-


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Apple Watch – Pocket Mariner apps

We have been working hard to ensure Apple Watch versions of all our marine apps are ready for you as soon as you get your new Apple Watch. Boat Beacon, our signature app, now gives you collision alerts directly on your wrist with CPA time and distance information and a map overview. Check your next waypoint wherever you are on your boat with a compass view, cross track error (XTE), distance and ETA on our SeaNav watch app.  Spot nearby boats, track your ferry or a boat of interest and get arrival and departure alerts with our Boat Watch app on Apple Watch.



SeaNav and Boat Beacon Navigation view


iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 16 Mar 2015 16.15.02


SeaNav Waypoint face.



iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 16 Mar 2015 16.16.59


Boat Beacon and SeaNav Compass view


iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 16 Mar 2015 17.15.53


Boat Watch, Boat Beacon and SeaNav map AIS view

iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 16 Mar 2015 17.41.07


As ever – ship photos to help you identify it.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 16 Mar 2015 17.49.20


And the great news ….. the watch apps are all free upgrades to our existing apps :)

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Melbourne to Port Fairy Ocean Yacht Race

Pocket Mariner are pleased to be sponsoring the  ORCV’s (The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria) Melbourne to Port Fairy Ocean Yacht Race this Easter. We are providing complimentary copies of our Boat Beacon app to all the entrants and race officials so they can track the fleet over the 135 mile race.

You can view and see the tracks for all the boats live here 2015 PORT FAIRY

We have also set up 5 Artificial Aids to Navigation for the start and finish of the race, marking Drapers Reef at the start line, ORCV Virtual Buoy, Point Lonsdale Light, Corsair Rock  and Nunn buoy at the finish line.

The AtoN’s are visible in Boat Beacon and our Boat Watch apps.



You can read more about the AtoNs for the race on the ORCV web site here:-

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New AIS Aerial in the Caribbean on St Barts

Our latest AIS aerial  on St Barthelemy in the Caribbean has just gone live. If only I could go out and test it! Thanks to Emmanuel at Jicky Marine Service

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 16.07.12


Our AIS aerial on top of Jicky Marine Service’s office.

FullSizeRender (3)












Jicky Marine’s office from the other side of the Harbour


FullSizeRender (4)


Plan of Gustavia  looking from the land side out to sea (North is bottom right) showing the office location.







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SeaNav now has official Canadian Marine charts

SeaNav now has official Canadian charts available provided  by the Canadian Hydrographic service (CHS) covering the whole of the Canadian coast and main inland waters. Includes the Northern parts of the Great lakes, St Lawrence River and Seaway, Vancouver and lots lots more. Before now this complete set of Canadian digital marine charts would have set you back a few thousand dollars. Now you can get them all via a $29.99 ( 34.99 CAD) In App Purchase (IAP) in both  our SeaNav US and SeaNav HD   apps for iPhone and iPad.

Here is a map showing the chart coverage (outlines in red). You can also check the coverage in our app before you purchase . The Canadian charts will be outlined in blue and marked with CA.




Here is a screenshot of the new charts covering Vancouver - loads more detail when you zoom in :)



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Hoegh Osaka – replay of grounding in 2 and 3D



We used our AIS Fleetwatch service  to replay the final moments before the Hoegh Osaka was deliberately grounded on Bramble Bank in Southampton. You can watch the speeded up replay on 2D and 3D here . Interestingly our replay correctly shows the ship heading onto the bank in a Northerly direction before she grounds. Other replays incorrectly show her moving sideways onto the bank. It may be that the gyros failed on the ship just before she started listing badly resulting in the list and an incorrect ship’s heading being sent.


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New AIS Aerial at Davidstow Airfield, Cornwall

As part of the ongoing work to improve our global AIS coverage we have installed a new AIS aerial to provide better real time coverage for the seas around Cornwall in the UK.  There is a disused airfield at Davidstow. It was Coastal Command’s highest airfield in the UK at 300m (1000′) above sea level; a perfect place to get a long range view of the surrounding sea,  to the North, West and South of Cornwall.  We used a Digital Yacht AIS Net base station for the AIS receiver with a Shakespeare 6db AIS tuned aerial. There is no internet connection at the museum so we used a Huawei E3551 3G dongle and the excellent EE 3/4G data service to backhaul the AIS data to our servers.  You can check the live coverage from the new aerial here:-

Here is my son installing the aerial on the tower at the airfield.




The DY AIS receiver hooked up at the base of the aerial.





and live ships –  10,000 square miles of coverage including two major ports at Falmouth and Plymouth :)

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 16.56.24

Many thanks to Steve at Davidstow Airfield and Cornwall at War Museum who is kindly letting us use his tower to mount the aerial on  (giving us another 12m (40′) of elevation :) . The museum is very well worth visiting if you are in the area and even if you are not.

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Fleet & Port Watch – AIS Commercial Port, Ship and Fleet Management


Pocket Mariner provide professional and economical port, ship and fleet management services and apps for Ports, Harbour Authorities, Fleet Managers and Shipping Agents. Our most recent deployment is with Portsmouth International Port and Portsmouth Pilots. Read more below and please contact us at  or telephone +44 1291 689202


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 12.05.13


Fleet and Port Watch – AIS ship monitoring service

Fleet and Port Watch provides real time AIS feeds, VHF Voice channel monitoring, alerts, historic event information and ship movement and voice traffic playback for all the ships in your fleet or port, both around port and coastal areas using our network of AIS shore stations to anywhere across the globe using our isAIS system.

Alerts include area entry, exit and crossing (GeoFences), directional traversal across boundaries and status alerts (arrivals and departures). Playback allows you to replay all shipping movements in your area second by second from any time in the past to assist with event investigation, demurrage reduction, resource utilisation, market research, training etc. AIS feeds can be used to power navigation systems such as those on Portable Pilot Units (PPUs) and other monitoring equipment.

Ships, alerts and playback are easily configured, managed and viewed using a dedicated and secure Fleet Watch web interface.

Fleet and Port Watch monitors and records live ship positions via our local and global AIS services and when an event is triggered, forwards an alert via email. The alert email includes details on the alert including maps of the alert area and ships around the ship’s current position. These maps can also be viewed via the web interface in 2D and 3D.

Our real time AIS feeds can also be used to power network aware AIS marine applications and systems such as  our own SeaNav AIS Marine Charts and Navigation apps and third party systems like Portable Pilot Units (e.g.  SevenCs Orca G2 pilot. ).

Pocket Mariner also provide global real time AIS monitoring and surveillance for ships far out of reach of shore based AIS systems using our innovative  Internet over Satellite AIS (iSAIS) service. with 98% global coverage (using Inmarsat services). Here is an example from one of the ships we monitor 75 miles off the coast of Nigeria .

More details on the service configuration and use are provided below. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at or phone +44 1291 689202.

1. Manage your ships

Enter the details  including MMSI and IMO for the ships you want to monitor. Select a ship to view its recent alerts, photo and last alert.


View your fleet’s current positions and status on a world map.



2. Configure Alerts

Geofences lets you configure alerts for all ships or just your fleet ships.  Alerts are available on entering or leaving an area, crossing a cardinal line and arrival and departures in a specific area or anywhere in the world.  When an alert fires an email is sent to all the alert addressees containing details for the event including a map of where the ship triggered the event and a live map of the ship’s current position.


Drop down to the detail view to see the geofence alert position on a map to help you identify and set it.


3. Browse events

Use the Ships tab to see details on the most recent events for a ship.



Tap on an event and see a map showing where and when it happened.



4. Playback ship movements

Fleet Watch can record all the AIS data and VHF Voice traffic for your port or area of interest. We typically keep the data for the last 30 days but this can be for as long as you wish, through months and years or forever. You can retrieve ship movements from any day and time in your Fleet Watch past in seconds and replay them synchronised with the VHF Voice traffic on our web map 2D and 3D views with chart overlays and via dedicated internet ports to other AIS apps like our iOS and Mac SeaNav chart plotter and marine navigation apps and SevenCs Orca G2 Pilot.

Here is the playback management view for Portsmouth International port.


Fleet Watch lets you set up any number of playback ports to allow multiple users to view the same or different replay scenarios at the same time. This is particularly useful for training or analysis, allowing a team of users to “virtually board” separate ships during playback and record their viewpoints.

Select a record to access the Play/Pause and Rewind controls for that period.


Tap the Start/Pause button to stop and start playback. Select “View history playback” to watch the playback on a live map. At the same time you can connect via the TCP port (Port number) to view the data on your favourite Chart/AIS Plotting devices and Apps. You can pause the replay at any time and pick-up from where you left off by hitting play again. Tap Rewind to start playing from the beginning of the selected period again.

Output from the playback can be captured to video for viewing again and also for replaying at faster than real time rates.

You can see an example of a short video recording (1.5 minutes) replaying the arrival and docking of the Normandie ferry at Portsmouth International Port here :- 

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.14.32


Select the Edit tab to pick and change the replay time with a simple calendar. The time server will retrieve the archive and place it ready to start playing at the time you selected. Go back to the Browser view and hit Play to start from the new date and time.

Also now in 3D - - select a ship in 2D and tap  show in 3D to centre on the ship in the 3D view.

ship details



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Transas iSailor app now powered by Pocket Mariner’s live AIS service

Pocket Mariner’s real time AIS data and photo API service has been selected by Transas , a global leader in marine navigation systems, to use with their iSailor iPhone and iPad app. The latest version 1.7.0 of their app  now provides a real time map view of ships around you with instant details including name, range and bearing together with a photo of the ship to help you recognise it.

You can get the latest version of  iSailor from the app store now

IMG_0022           Mikhail Andrianov, Product Manager at Transas says “We are really excited to provide our Transas iSailor users with live AIS data on their charts via the Internet. Pocket Mariner’s live AIS API, SDK and sample code made integration with our product easy and fast. This option makes it possible to show on charts the next AIS target types: AIS Class A, AIS Class B, AtoN (Aids-To-Navigation, virtual or real), Shore Base Stations. This functionality will be useful for users of different kinds: from sailors, boaters or water tourists, – who have no AIS Class B or receivers on board to ship owners, dockers and marine logistics personnel, who need to monitor vessel traffic in a given area. To use this functionality, you will have to have WiFi, 3G or 4G/LTE internet access on your Apple device.” Steve Bennett, Pocket Mariner’s CEO commented: “This is another great endorsement of Pocket Mariner’s “real time” AIS data service and API’s that we use to power our own Marine Navigation Apps and we look forward to providing additional AIS data services enabling Transas’ iSailor users to share their boat’s position and course in real time using our internet AIS transmit and track api’s”.   IMG_0052

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