Boat Beacon real-time internet AIS Sharing to Navionics, iNavX, OpenCPN etc.

Boat Beacon can now share its real time AIS feed from our global AIS aerial network via NMEA with other apps on the same device or on the same Wifi Network. Boat Beacon acts as a “Virtual AIS Receiver”. We are expecting this will prove popular with folks who already have other Marine Navigation apps/charts like Navionics, OpenCPN and iNavX which support an external NMEA AIS feed but don’t have their own Internet based AIS network or feed available like we do for our own Marine Navigation app SeaNav.  By the way, if you haven’t seen SeaNav why don’t you try it for free first, you can download it from here now .
The AIS Share feature is free to trial in Boat Beacon using Boat Beacon’s Demo mode.  If you find it useful you can use it all the time when you are out navigating for a small monthly or annual subscription via IAP.
You can get the latest version of Boat Beacon from the App Store from here now.
Here are some screenshots from Navionics, iNavX and OpenCPN using it.

Navionics on iPad connected to Boat Beacon on TCP port 5353

 iNavX on same iPhone device ( using TCP port 5353 )

OpenCPN running on a Mac via Wifi to Boat Beacon running on an iPhone ( TCP to port 5353).


and the description in our user guide:-
AIS Sharing

Share Boat Beacon’s real time internet AIS feed via NMEA with other apps on your device and on the same Wifi network, like Navionics, OpenCPN on your Mac, iNavX etc. so you can see live ship positions around you on their charts as well. Pocket Mariner’s AIS service is fed by one of the largest network of AIS shore receivers world-wide covering most major ports, harbours and popular coastal areas with over 60,000 live ship positions at any time. Boat Beacon acts like a virtual AIS receiver and can also share your live position via Internet AIS with other users and internet based AIS services like MarineTraffic. After purchasing the Boat Beacon AIS Sharing IAP (monthly or yearly subscriptions available) just set your other apps NMEA TCP settings to connect to the IP address and TCP port (default is 5353) shown in Boat Beacon’s AIS Share setting. If you are sharing with an app on the same device you can use as the IP address to connect to instead of the actual device IP address so you never have to change the setting when you are on a different network. Boat Beacon must be in sailing mode when sharing with other apps on the same device so it can track your position and continually update the live AIS data around you in the background. Tap the SailBoat icon  bottom right to enable Sailing mode. In the unlikely event that you need to change the TCP port number in Boat Beacon to another number, tap on the AIS Share setting row and enter it. 

To try it out at home when there are no boats around your location put Boat Beacon into Demo mode ( Settings/Demo mode) first and then set sailing mode. Make sure the other app is showing the same map location as the demo mode is. If there are a lot of ships around it can take some apps like Navionics a bit of time to catch up the first time it connects. Make sure to turn sailing and demo mode off when you are done. If Boat Beacon is not displaying any ships around your location then no ships will appear in the other apps either.

Get the latest version of Boat Beacon from the App Store from here now