Connecting a Samyung AIS Transponer


Samyung AIS Transponder SI30, Connection to PC:

On the rear of the SI30 unit there is multi-connector marked “RS-422 Interface”. It uses pins 22, 23 for NMEA output, which have to be connected to pin5 and pin3 respectively of the serial port of our AIS to internet adaptor (9-pin RS-232 port) or alternatively pin5 and pin2 respectively of the serial port of the PC or Mac (9-pin RS-232 port). If you only have a USB port on your PC or Mac you will need a serial to usb adaptor with pins 22, 23 connected to pin5 and pin2 respectively of the 9-pin RS-232 serial connector on the cable.

  •  SI30 pin 22 -> Pin 5 on PC
  •  SI30 pin 23 -> Pin 2 on PC

Here is the connection diagram for a Samyung SI30 AIS transponder: