Vessel Motion and Position Monitoring in real-time with AISWatch telematics

Pocket Mariner’s AISWatch service now provides Real-time Remote Vessel Motion Monitoring and situation reporting (RTR-VMM). RTR-VMM enables significant improvements to operations efficiency and vessel utilisation with a direct impact on profitability.

Let marine co-ordinators for Wind Farm and Oil rig services optimise operations from base by knowing real time whether the conditions on the support ships are within the safety parameters for personnel and equipment transfer.

Cruise line operators can check the comfort level for their passengers and see if they are having a bad experience with the ship rolling too much or if the ship is running into serious waves and pitching fiercely?

Check the view right now from the Ship’s bridge deck  back at the operations centre. Share the glorious port arrival, sunset and sunrise views from a cruise ship’s bridge deck on the web with current passengers and potential customers.

Instantly know where your ship is and what other vessels are nearby in real-time anywhere in the world.

Remotely monitor equipment, environment and engines on the ship.

You can now do all this right now with AISWatch’s plug and play remote sensor and camera monitoring solution for a fraction of the cost of existing marine telemetry and vessel monitoring solutions. Installed in minutes with only an internet and power connection required, our AISWatch telemetry unit can provide remote live AIS data, 9 degrees of freedom (DOF) motion measurements ( roll , pitch, turn, heave, surge, sway, magnetic), Atmospheric Pressure, Temperature, Gas monitoring (CO, NO2,H2, NH3) and much more directly back to anywhere in the world. The data can be viewed in the AISWatch Ship Data web page and there are API’s for providing the data to other applications via JSON, XML, CSV etc.

Sensor unit with Camera (approx 15cm x 12cm x 10cm IP65 clear box)

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 11.36.38

Sensor unit with external camera (showing X/Y IMU directions)

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 11.36.45


Here is the AISWatch data page for our PM Test ship on the Baltic with motion sensors, camera and AIS monitoring on board.

The photo is the last snapshot photo taken. You can take a snapshot directly from the link on the web page. The motion data on the right is updated every minute and you can see the ship’s current position and the ships around it by following the “View current position” link.



Here’s an example of the roll measurements and analysis for significant roll angle and period


Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 11.00.03



Real-time roll angle measurement

Blue line – raw data, Orange line FFT filtered.

newplot (10)


Fast Fourier analysis to identify significant frequency/period and size of roll

Most significant roll was at a frequency of 0.05Hz (20s period – well out of the seasick inducing range which is centred around 6s period). The amplitude at 0 indicates the roll offset of about 0.1 degree list to port (the leeward side of the ship with the ship travelling south and the wind from the west).

newplot (3) (1)


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IMU and Sensor specifications

3-axis Gyro PS-ITG-3200

3-axis Accelerometer ADXL345-EP

Barometer and Humidity sensor bmp280

Camera logitech920