Connecting a Furuno AIS Transponder

Furuno FA100 and FA150 AIS Transponders

S Transponder FA-100, Connection to PC:


Connecting using the Pocket Mariner AIS to internet adaptor. Connect the serial cable between the PC Port on the rear of the FA-150 transponder unit and the serial port on the adaptor. N.B. This must be a null modem cable – and is included with the adaptor. Then connect the adaptor to a lan port on your onboard internet.FA150

FA150 to PC or Mac

Connect using a serial to USB cable

If using a serial port on the PC a standard serial cable can be used.

  •  FA150 pin 2 -> Pin 2 on PC
  •  FA150 pin 5 -> Pin 5 on PC



On the rear of the FA100 unit there is an DB9 (9-pin) connector marked “Extra I/O”.  Use a Null Modem serial cable to connect it to our AIS to internet adaptor or a serial to USB cable to connect to a PC or Mac.

  •  FA100 pin 1 -> Pin 3 on AIS to interent adaptor
  •  FA100 pin 2 -> Pin 5 on AIS to interent adaptor

or if connecting to a PC with a serial port

It uses pin1 and pin2 for data transmission, which have to be connected to pin2 and pin5 respectively of the serial port of the PC (9-pin RS-232 port).

  •  FA100 pin 1 -> Pin 2 on PC
  •  FA100 pin 2 -> Pin 5 on PC

Alternatively, Furuno proposes the cabling displayed on the two following figures:



On the rear of the FA150 unit there is an DB9 (9-pin) connector marked “PC”. A conventional serial cable (RS-232) must be used to connect it to the serial port of a PC.