AIS Data and Services

We are continuously working on increasing the global coverage of our real-time AIS network. During the last two months we have added more than 50 new AIS stations across 5 continents bringing our live ship coverage to over 35,000 ships. We have supplied the AIS receiver for free to many of these sites, and are now deploying our own in-house developed Dual Channel AIS receiver. New AIS stations are recruited to provide coverage in critical areas, and we actively encourage volunteers to join our network.

We license AIS data to commercial organisations, where it is used in application areas including accident investigation, historical playback, pilot navigation and vessel monitoring. Our engineering team is able to rapidly deploy new services using AIS and other data, and we welcome project enquiries.

Our AIS data is made available to the general public through our popular mobile apps, Boat Beacon, Boat Watch and SeaNav, which run on iOS, Android and Mac. These apps let mariners and interested parties track vessel movements in their areas, and are an important component in crowdsourcing new AIS stations for our network.